“Anyone who knows me knows that I am equally open to all people”

The well-known artist Manfred Kielnhofer (“Guardian of Time”) was accused of anti-Semitism in the media. Kielnhofer is now defending himself with an open letter, the original copy of which we are publishing.

My name is Manfred Kielnhofer and I’m an Austrian artist from Linz. A posting on facebook/instagram/etc, which was edited and changed by others, gave the impression that I was an anti-Semite. This was picked up by various media and published in an article!This impression is absolutely wrong. Anyone who knows me knows that I am equally open to all people as long as they do not propagate hate, exclusion and social division or even actively pursue them. With my sculptures, the WÄCHTERN DER ZEIT or GUARDIANS OF TIME, as I present them in non-German-speaking countries, I want to stimulate the social discourse on tolerance. My appearances on social media are also aimed at this. With this in mind, I made posts on the subject of corona vaccination, some of which were falsified and thus created a fatal impression.How it came about: A hacker inserted an anti-vaccination posting from me into my post using a copy of the headline from the Israeli statistics (the excess mortality was graphically documented here). This addition caused a stir. However, only the extremely high excess mortality in Israel should be pointed out, because many doctors see this development in direct relation to the corona vaccination. And so I look to Austria with concern, because compulsory vaccination will not bring us anything good either. The little word “NO”, placed directly in the head of the WÄCHTERS DER ZEIT, clearly shows the critical attitude towards this negative corona vaccination development. The accusation of anti-Semitism is therefore clearly false. Unfortunately, the graphic was totally misinterpreted.
Many of my gallery owners are of Jewish descent and our long-standing collaboration has been extremely harmonious. So why should I do this?
The WÄCHTER DER ZEIT stand for love, light, tolerance and communication.

Manfred Kielnhofer