SWELL Sculpture Festival Guardians of Time Manfred Kielnhofer Exhibition Art Basel Venice Biennale Documenta Kassel

“Guardians of Time first appeared in Austria ten years ago.
Today the guardians of time have conquered the world. The physical as well as the Virtual world.

Manfred Kielnhofer is not afraid to use Guerrilla tactics to make the headlines. He exhibited his guardians at Art Basel, the Venice Biennale and this year at the Documenta in Kassel, Germany.
Three of the worlds top exhibitions in the world that he wasn’t invited to.

Every time his works are taken down he replaces them. It is not cheap to be a Guerrilla artist as Manfred keeps replacing his works gaining himself notoriety that has been acknowledged by the German media.”

We are pleased to announce that Manfred’s work has been selected for #SWELL2017, giving Manfred the opportunity to put his Guerilla tactics to rest!

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